For all of the lovers of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the most recent episode is going to be a major bombshell. The episode skips a year in which Abhimanyu and Akshara’s life undergo significant transformation. Akshara left Abhimanyu and is currently a working vocalist. In order to vent his fury, Abhimanyu stopped his medical career and now competes in certain violent sports.

Dr. Kunal Khera saw in the previous episode making an outrageous request to Akshara. The choice must be made between Akshara’s profession and that of her spouse. In this episode, we see that she ultimately decides to follow Abhimanyu’s path in life and work. He had surgery on his hand by Dr. Kunal, and Akshara simply leaves him there. We meet Akshara in Mauritius a year later while she’s recording a song. The plot does, however, take a turn.

For Maya, the sister of Dr. Kunal, Akshara is singing. Soon, Maya’s song—or, to put it another way, Akshara’s song—will be published. Akshara is shocked to learn that the song will also be aired in India, and she is worried that Abhimanyu may hear the song and recognize her voice. What is happening with Abhimanyu a year after his split from Akshara?

Due to Dr. Kunal’s requirements, Akshara abruptly leaves Abhimanyu. She was unable to inform anybody of her decision to speak for her sister in order to help her realize her ambition. When Abhimanyu emerges from surgery, he is unable to locate Akshara and assumes that she abandoned him after breaking her pledge to always be there for him. Abhimanyu stops going to practice and engages in partying and exciting things to avoid worrying about Akshara. Abhimanyu leaves when Harsh calls to offer to help him cope with his mental stress and promises to return to practicing once he can feel focused once again.

We’ll witness in forthcoming episodes how Abhimanyu attacks a reporter over inquiries concerning Akshara’s location. Akshara fears for Abhimanyu, but their separation would never be allowed by her commitment to Dr. Kunal.

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