Geetanjali Mishra’s entry into &TV’s Gharelu Comedy Happu Ki Ultan Paltan as the new Rajesh Singh (Rajjo) has generated immense excitement among the audience. Meanwhile, the actress is busy exploring cities and connecting with her fans. Recently, the actress visited the City of Lakes – Bhopal, where, apart from meeting her fans, she delved into shopping, eating, and taking a boat ride. Despite her fear of water, the actress embraced the joy and thrill of the boat ride in Bhopal after being captivated by the stunning views of Upper Lake’s scenic beauty.

Talking about her boating experience and overcoming her fear of water, Geetanjali Mishra, aka Rajjo in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shared, “Honestly, initially, my heart raced as I observed the water level of Upper Lake, triggering a surge of thoughts. I questioned myself: Am I up for this? I have feared water bodies throughout my life as I don’t know swimming. Nevertheless, the charm of one of the oldest artificial lakes enchanted me, coaxing me into a boating escapade. Equipped with a lifejacket, I stepped onto the boat, and as it set in motion, my legs quivered. However, as the boat gained momentum, so did my excitement, and the distant urban buzz gradually faded away. The water splashes against the boat produced a comforting melody, and the scenery was awe-inspiring. My surroundings featured soaring birds and darting small fish around my vessel, and the weather displayed exquisite serenity. In all honesty, boating emerged as a splendid approach to observing and relishing nature’s beauty. It was my chance to bond with nature, experience the refreshing breeze, and savour the rhythmic dance of the lake’s waters, a truly invigorating sensation. These components harmonised seamlessly, crafting a symphony of calmness and serenity. Immersing myself in nature dissolved all my apprehensions, and I yearned to prolong my time on the boat. After a duration, we reached an island, granting me a panoramic view of the sprawling Bhopal city from the lake’s heart. Upon disembarking, it felt surreal that I had accomplished this feat. Undoubtedly, this ranks among the most indelible moments of my life, a memory I shall forever hold dear.” During her meeting with fans and audience, Geetanjali exclaimed, “It was indeed a memorable experience. Amidst familiar visits, the fans and the audience’s warmth and appreciation touched my heart. Affectionately known as Rajjo, I received abundant good wishes for my entry as the new Rajesh in the show. The unwavering support truly made my day. I am thrilled that the audience welcomed their new Dabbang Dulhania with so much love, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of them.”

Watch out for your favourite character ‘Rajesh, aka, Rajjo’ essayed by Geetanjali Mishra in &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, airing at 10:00 pm every Monday to Friday!

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