Happy emotions are indeed a must to live a happy, fulfilling life. Today is International Day of Happiness 2024, and Dr. Sakshe Jain strongly recommends positive feeling should be a part of our day to live a more meaningful life.

Joy, gratitude, love and hope are all positive emotions. Cultivating positive emotions leads to better physical and emotional well-being and gives us the power to navigate the challenges of life better.

Here are some pointers!

  1. BE AROUND POSITIVE PEOPLE- Surround yourself with people who are strong, inspiring and will uplift you.
  2. KEEP NEGATIVITY AT BAY- Constantly release all negative emotions such as fear, anger, etc. Watch out for negative emotions.
  3. ENGAGE IN ACTIVITIES THAT KEEP YOU HAPPY- Whether it’s a hobby or any chore, make time for activities that nourish your soul and uplift your spirits.
  4. ENGAGE IN POSITIVE SELF-TALK- Keep a track of the emotions you feed your body and mind. A positive mind set increases self-esteem, try to celebrate your success and feed your body with positive self-talk.
  5. LAUGH MORE- Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress and tension, try and seize every opportunity to laugh.
  6. BE KIND- Being good makes us feel better. Be good to those who work for you, your co-workers and anyone you can help. These gestures spread goodwill and happiness around.
  7. LIMIT EXPOSURE TO NEGATIVE MEDIA- do not expose yourself to fear, anxiety or any news that triggers negativity. Look for happier, more inspiring content that will recharge your spirits.

What you focus on, expands- try happiness!

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