Anil Kapoor’s son, Harsh Varrdhan, has been caught in a war of words, where his views have not been appreciated by his followers.

He took to Instagram and urged his followers to ‘stop wearing fake sneakers’ and to ‘please do your due diligence… buy from trusted sellers’, was not taken kindly and netizens are calling him ‘elitist.’

The entire message, goes like this, “Don’t know who needs to hear this but please stop wearing fake sneakers…if you have a low/ moderate budget, there’s plenty of great options there. Converse vans basic air force etc….if someone gets you a gift and they happen to be inauthentic, you can pass them onto someone else that doesn’t know what they are and would be happy to wear..but if you are buying your own, please do your own from trusted sellers..”

The reactions, he would have not imagined. One wrote, “Friends can you like…stop being poor and buy some money?” another user commented, “Then come along both the Kapoor siblings& their entitled attitude every single time.” The comments got uglier, another wrote, “My poor eyes had to suffer twice reading this. Once because of the message itself; the other because of this ugly font.” Someone else added, “Don’t know who needs to hear this. Well, no one Harsh, absolutely no one.”

Harsh, on the work front, was last year seen in Thar and will now be seen in the Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra’s biopic.

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