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Highest Selling Korean Pop Albums in February


Greetings to all the K-pop fans!!!! Officially, February month is over. So let’s see which K-Pop music albums performed well and were the best-selling.

BE Deluxe Edition : BTS

With the title song “Life Goes On”, the BE album was originally released in November 2020. The album sold around 628.6k copies in the month of February and 2.98 million copies since its release date.


Don’t call me : SHINee

Released in February 2021, SHINee made their grand comeback with “Don’t call me” which contains total nine songs of different genres. Within a period of one week, the album sold 127.2k copies.


2nd Desire : Kim Wooseok

2nd Desire, the second mini album by Kim Wooseok was launched on 8th of February, 2021. The album sold over 86.97k copies in February. The album features a title song “Sugar”.


NCT 2018 Empathy : NCT

Including a total of fourteen tracks, NCT released the album on March 14, 2018. The album marked the first group release to officially introduce three new members of the band Kun, Jungwoo and Lucas. It sold 61.61k copies in February.



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