Amid the Conservatorship Battle, Britney Spear takes up Painting revealing her ‘rebellious, colorful and bright’ emotions


Britney Spears has recently filed in court to remove her father Jamie Spears from her conservatorship. On Tuesday, the pop singer reveled that her father is ‘threatening and scary’ and therefore she does not want him to be her conservator. After many major changes in Britney’s life, the pop singer had decided to do freestyle painting giving a clue that it is helping her relax, amid the toxic conservatorship battle.

Britney shared a video on her Instagram handle, in which she is seen painting on plain white paper and reveals the reason behind her freestyle painting. Her post caption reads, “As you guys know there’s a lot of change going on in my life at the moment and today I was feeling overwhelmed so I went to Michael’s and got white paper and paint!!!”

Further, the pop singer compared the colours with her emotions that she is feeling at the moment.  “This is an expression of how I’m feeling at the moment … rebellious… colorful…bright…bold …spontaneous…magical…so obviously showing my true colors,” said Britney.

Fans felt delightful to see Britney in happier mood amid fighting the conservatorship battle. The court documents stated several reports that, a Certified Public accountant (CPA) Jason Rubin is nominated by Britney that might replace the pop singer’s father Jamie as her conservator.

Britney was under conservatorship of her father since 2008. A few days back, the pop star gave a heart-rending testimony in court that detailed about the toxic experience of conservatorship with her father, after which she gained support from people globally. And now, Britney’s lawyer Matt Rosengart has filed in court to replace Britney’s father Jamie from the conservatorship and appoint a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Jason Rubin.


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