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Bridgeton Season 3, a happy escape to beat the heat


Bridgeton Season 3 is a delight to watch. With a lavish view of England, the ballrooms, the horse-carriages, the extravagant clothes and sets, this Season was fun to watch.

The protagonist for this one is Penelope, one who has had her heart set on Colin for the longest time. She pursues him to help her find a suitor. Penelope catches the fancy of Lord Debling, to the dismay of the other girls.

They get acquainted and he even proposes but what does future have in store for her? Will cupid strike or her feelings for Colin get in the way.

Episode 5 through 8 of ‘Bridgeton’, will drop on Netflix on the 13th of June, at 3 a.m. From what the trailer shows, things are going to get very messy between Eloise and Penelope and I wonder how Coin will react when he finds who the real ‘Whistedown’ is.

I have really enjoyed watching the first four episodes. Full of music, entertainment, romance and the queen looking for her ‘diamond’. I suggest you watch these, playing on Netflix. You will be quite delighted.


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