Halsey shares an honest response on kipped Met Gala 2021, Despite Being in New York


The Met Gala 2021 was star-studded, with celebrities arriving at the red carpet in their most fashionable attire; however, many celebrities were absent from the red carpet. After Nicki Minaj revealed on Twitter that she was unable to attend the event due to a vaccine requirement, Halsey also revealed her reason for missing this year’s event after a fan questioned the singer about why she wasn’t a part of the Met Gala 2021.

Giving the honest response to the fans on questions that were raised on her, Halsey tweeted, “I’m still breastfeeding <3 I only had my baby 7 weeks ago. There’s nothing more ‘American fashion’ than moms having to go back to work after just giving birth lol.”

Further adding about her mom duties she said, “I wouldn’t have had a way to pump my breasts which would have been insanely painful. I understand I’m incredibly privileged to afford time off but the demands are still prevalent and the biology does not excuse me.”

Fans speculated her absence from the Met Gala even when she was present in New York, where she was seen attending an NFYW party. Fans expected the singer to attend the Met Gala as well, and in response to a question about being a part of the NFYW party, she said, “Being out for 3 hours vs 9!!! I’m sorry I don’t know why I have to explain this.” The singer would prefer doing her mom duties rather that attending long parties.


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