Josh Hartnett, who rejected down a reputed $100 million three-movie deal to portray Superman, has spoken out in a rare interview about why he chose to walk away from the spotlight and avoid blockbusters at the height of his career to focus on his family, and why it’s “the finest thing” he’s ever done.

On Channel Seven’s ‘Sunrise,’ he said: “Keeping Hollywood at away was the finest thing I could have done for my mental health and career. Fortunately, I believe I discovered it early in my life – it’s all about developing a nice home life and having the opportunity to do things that are crazy and amazing, such as producing films, which is such a luxury.”

According to, Hartnett has no regrets about the movie opportunities he’s had to pass up, including a position with Joaquin Phoenix in 2006’s gay rom-com ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ which went to Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger.

He stated, ” “I was supposed to perform ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ but I couldn’t. I also had a contract with the 2006 picture ‘Black Dahlia,’ which I needed to film, so I had to back out.”

“That was the last thing I wanted. I want to perform good job with individuals I enjoy working with and spend my leisure time with people that matter to me. It was very evident to me at the time that I should decline (‘Superman’). I was being offered films by some of the world’s most renowned filmmakers. And Superman posed a danger. Yes, there was a lot of cash involved, but I didn’t believe it was the end-all.”

People thought the 43-year-old actor was “crazy” for leaving Hollywood for a more peaceful existence, but he’s glad he did.

“People thought I was insane for not pursuing that brass ring a little harder, but I felt entirely at ease with the people I knew liked me before I started creating movies,” he added. I made the decision to live a life. First and foremost. That was always my intention.

“I have deep feelings for long-time friends and family members.” I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose touch with those people. Those individuals shape who I am. I prioritised those considerations above pursuing a Hollywood ambition. The fact that I am a father of three is something I am most proud of.”

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