Pixar’s Turning Red Trailer: Failing to control her emotions, a Girl Turns into a Giant Red Panda?


When you are into your teenage it’s important that you stay calm or else the red anger will turn you into a giant red panda. The trailer of the latest Disney/Pixar movie that is ‘Turning Red’ is out now. The latest pixar movie is helmed by Oscar-winning director of Domee Shi. The story revolves around a 13-year-old teenager girl (Mei Lee) turns into a giant panda when she fails to control her emotions.

In the trailer, Mei is seen sitting in the class, when one her friend make her aware about her mom watching her through window. Mei feels uncomfortable and embarrassed, when she watches her mother spying on her by hiding behind the tree. Further, in the trailer a security guide from the school campus ask her mom to go away, meanwhile Mei’s mom mess up with him. All the students laugh and look them (mom and security guard) fighting, which makes Mei so angry that she can’t control her emotions and burst out into a giant red panda.

Later in the first trailer, the giant panda is seen leaping from one building to another in the colorful city. After the beautiful shots from across the city of Toronto, the girl gets herself calm down after which she gets back her normal body, but again she gets excited and turns into a giant Panda. Pixar films have always came up with unique stories and concepts in the film. In the recent release of film ‘Soul’, they have earned a great success.

Turning Red is directed by Domee Shi, who won Oscar for ‘Bao’ in 2018 and the film will be produced by Lindsey Collins, Disney, and Pixar. The voice of Mei is voiced by Rosalie Chiang, wherein Mei’s mom is voiced by Sandra Oh.

The film will mark its release in theaters on March 11, 2022.


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