Reese Witherspoon joins Priyanka Chopra’s COVID-19 fundraiser to help India

Hollywood actress

Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon joins other international celebrities to support Priyanka Chopra’s fundraiser to help Covid-19 situation in India.

Among other celebrities such as Richard Madden who helped amplify Priyanka’s fundraiser campaign to help India is another major Hollywood celebrity, Reese Witherspoon.

Reese recently took to her Instagram account to share Priyanka’s video message, asking to join hands to help India out in its pandemic situation. The actress shared fundraiser details and wrote, “What is happening in India with COVID is an urgent situation.”

With India’s pandemic situation getting very bad, rising cases everyday and oxygen shortage, the actress Priyanka Chopra recently organized a fundraiser campaign to help generate funds. Joining hands with Give India, Priyanka and her husband Nick set up a fundraiser ‘Together for India’. The actress has been appealing her fans to raise funds in whatever capacity possible to help support India’s healthcare systems. International celebs like Irina Shayk coming in support, Priyanks’s fundraiser is getting a huge support.

So far, the fundraiser has received support from international celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Richard Madden, Kunal Nayyar, Mindy Kaling and Ellen Degeneres to help India in its pandemic crisis.



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