It has been well researched that self-esteem is the most important building block in our lives and this starts from birth. When we give our child the attention and the care they need as infants, adhere to their every cry and need, this provides them with comfort, love and safety.

As they grow up, it is pivotal for parents to love and respect them for what they are. NO COMPARISONS to their peers or siblings. If we love and accept them for what they are, they themselves accept their strengths and weaknesses and this builds self-esteem.

Megha Yadav, Child Psychologist and Head of Training at KLAY shares, “Children that grow up with healthy self-esteem i.e., the belief of their worthiness, acceptance of oneself, and the self-awareness of what they can do well, tend to do well later in life. It gives them the confidence to try new things, give their work their 100%, the ability to pick themselves up in the face of setbacks. Parents and teachers play a pivotal role in this process, and the key is to look at each child as a unique individual with unique capabilities and interests.”

Some key points to remember-

1.Acknowledge the child’s thoughts and feelings and then name it to tame it.

  1. Reinforcing through actions that kids are loved and very worthy.
  2. positive reinforcement and encouragement daily.
  3. freedom to take their own decisions and make mistakes. No guilt or rebuke over follies.
  4. setting realistic expectations and goals.
  5. no labels as good boy/bad boy.
  6. a healthy environment to talk and discuss freely without fear.

Lets all work towards being kind and more loving!!

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