Live to 100: Secrets of the blue zone, has the expert Dan Buettner visiting areas across the globe to see how people age gracefully and are living healthy, happy lives.

This 4-part docuseries has us explore the lives of people in Japan, Italy, Sardinia and Okinawa. Dan engages with the people from these parts and discovers that people in these blue zones are living relatively better than others. They don’t pay for gym memberships, rather they invest in nature and do a lot of physical work themselves. They tend their gardens, grow fruits and vegetables and overall, have a great quality of life.

Another important factor is the food we eat. A simple thing as ‘sweet potato’ adds years to the lives of people in Japan. This series is a great eye-opener. It talks about community living and not being in isolation. The 4 episodes were very informative and get you thinking how minor shifts can add years to our lives.

Singapore too might be a part of the blue zone. An inspiring watch on Netflix.

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