Gaurav Chopraa is currently the ‘man of the moment’ and for all the right reasons. He’s presently in the best phase of his professional career. Well, that’s exactly why whatever he attempts seems to work wonders for him. After riding high on the success of Bachchhan Paandey and Rana Naidu, fans had high expectations from their ‘Prince’ and well, he has truly packed a punch and delivered with good effect. Gadar 2 is a blockbuster with soaring high collections at the box office and one thing that’s growing in a parallel direction with the box office numbers is the amount of appreciation and love he’s getting for his role of Lt. Colonel Devendra Rawat.

In every social media platform wherever there’s a good and strong buzz about Gadar 2 and the performances, Gaurav Chopraa’s name finds a place everywhere. Reacting to the love and accolades he’s received for the movie, he shares,

“Well, this is a golden phase for me tbh professionally. God has been kind and I am glad my hard work and decision-making ability is working well. After the Covid-19 lockdown, I made a decision to do different and diverse roles and that’s where the audience got to see in Bachchhan Paandey and Rana Naidu. Both were completely different from each other and I was humbled when the character of Prince in Rana Naidu fetched me two big awards as well. So naturally, not just the audience, even I myself had high expectations from Gadar 2 and finally, all that is coming into place together.”

He further added,

“As an artiste, I couldn’t have asked for more. I am humbled with the reaction of the audience, it’s a hat-trick of successful projects for me and what makes me happy is that all of them are so different from each other. I have received a lot of compliments right from my mannerisms as an army officer to the seriousness I bring to the table on-screen. A lot of research and hard work has gone behind all this and I am glad finally, all this is paving the way for success. The success of Gadar 2 and the love and appreciation that I have received for my character in Gadar 2 motivates me even more to do even better and tougher roles.”

He concluded by saying,

“I love to challenge myself as it brings out the best from me. So, I want to wholeheartedly thank my audience for the love and I want them to be ready for my next ventures where I plan to continue the good work and do my best. Keep supporting. My audience is my reason to act. Thank you so much to everyone.”

Gadar 2 is kindly roaring in the box office with spectacular numbers and we aren’t surprised by even an iota. Have you watched Gadar 2 already? Rate your experience out of 10 and stay tuned for more updates.

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