Since its release, Imlie has performed well on the TRP charts. The public adores the connection between Aryan and Imlie and frequently refers to them as #AryLie. Cheeni and Aryan’s friendship is also making headlines.

As previously stated, there would be a huge clash between Malini and Aryan in the workplace of ‘The Bhaskar Times.’ Aryan will ask Malini about all of the information and accounts she has gathered over the years. He inquires about a big financial transaction that occurred through the company’s business account.

So, effectively, Malini had made a deal with the gangsters in exchange for Cheeni’s kidnapping. Imlie was overhearing Aryan and Malini’s chat as they were discussing.

Now, we’ve seen a video in which Cheeni is hospitalized and Malini is continuously keeping an eye on her and Imlie. She observes Imlie’s caring for Cheeni. Also, we witnessed Malini divulge a major secret about Cheeni to her mother Anu.

She admits that Cheeni is her daughter, not Imlie’s. She claims she gave birth to Cheeni and abandoned her in the temple, which is how Imlie discovered and is raising her.

It will be fascinating to watch what happens next.

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