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In a viral video, a Bihar groom wants instant dowry, and netizens brand him “shameless”


Dowry is a long-standing custom in Indian marriages that has recently been criminalized and publicly condemned by the government of India. Despite this, many families across the country choose to follow this practice, putting a lot of pressure on the bride’s family.

Despite the fact that the practice of paying dowry and sending ‘gifts’ to the groom’s family for the wedding has been prohibited, a video has been making the rounds on social media in which a groom asks for dowry on his wedding day.

The video, which has now gone popular on social media, depicts an insistent groom in Bihar who demands payment from the bride’s family or the wedding would be cancelled. If the money is not delivered to him, he threatens to take back the baraat.

“Abhi tak humko cash nahi mila hai,” the groom can be heard saying in the footage. Samaan sab gachha huya huya tha woh nahi mila huya tha. (I have not gotten the money yet.) Ek chain gachha huya tha woh bhi nahi mila hai I have not received all of the items that were promised to me. Even the key hasn’t arrived).”

He further claims that because he works for the government, his demand should be granted. When questioned whether he is not ashamed of requesting dowry, he claims that everyone does it and no one is caught. The footage was taken during a wedding in Chappalpur hamlet in Bihar, according to The Indian Express.

The video sparked widespread outrage on Twitter and other social media platforms, with users criticizing the groom for asking money from the bride’s family.

“The female should definitely stand up and strangle the guy with the same gold necklace he is demanding,” one Twitter user suggested. In most metropolitan areas, dowry is handed down as ‘gifts for our daughter’ or according to some ridiculously out-of-date ritual…unacceptable and puts great social pressure on the girl’s family.”

Other internet users slammed the groom’s requests as “shameless” and “misogynistic.” The video has around 4 lakh views and thousands of likes on Twitter.


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