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India has acted as catalyst in my journey of self-growth, says K-pop sensation Aoora, who, after a successful stint in Bigg Boss, is now eyeing Bollywood


K-pop sensation Aoora’s charm is spreading like wildfire in India, especially after his stint in reality show Bigg Boss last year. Many relate to the singer for he embraces India’s culture and traditions like his own. Talking to The Tribune, he pours his heart out.

In 2022, Aoora listened to Indian music for the first time, a song called Cham Cham. The rhythm just clicked with him and from there on he started searching for more Indian music. He recounts, “At that time I did not know India had many different languages. But I resonated with all kinds of music that India offers. When I visited India for the first time, the love I received from people here made me feel very warm. So in many ways, India acted as catalyst in my journey of self-growth.”

Overcoming challenges

As the South Korean singer recently performed live in South India, he recalls his experience as a memorable one, “I have always loved South Indian music and was looking forward to performing there. I am grateful that my first show was a huge success.” Besides singing songs in many Indian languages, Aoora is keen to become a Bollywood hero and Shah Rukh Khan is his idol, “I would love to sing and act in Indian films. If there is a good show and I get an opportunity, I would love to explore television too.”

As for the similarities and differences in Indian and Korean film as well as music industry, Aoora says, “Stress in Korea is much higher. Too much pressure on perfection, but in India there is more freedom.”

Language no bar

When it comes to singing a song in a different language, Aoora says it is a challenge, “I translate the lyrics into English and then to Korean. I try to understand the feeling and meaning so that when I sing, I can express it well. I also listen to the song more than 100 times to get the diction correct.”

Rest assured Aoora knows the meaning of the viral song Akh Lari Bado-Badi, a reel he made for Instagram!

‘All religions teach us how to love’

One of Aoora’s many dedicated social media posts about India highlights his visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. He also sang holy verses of Sukhmani Sahib in the reel. From a country like South Korea where many practise Christianity or Buddhism, it makes one wonder what makes him croon devotional songs like Raghupati Raghav? He explains, “I do not practise any religion, but I am very spiritual. At the end of the day, we all are humans and all religions teach us how to love.”

In a few words…

Which artiste inspired you initially to become a singer?

Michael Jackson.

Indian musicians you follow on Instagram?

Darshan Raval, Diljit Dosanjh and Mitraz.

Languages you would love to learn?

English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi.

Your best live-performance so far?

Sanskriti University, Mathura, where I performed last year.

Next goal to achieve?

I want to act and dance.

Favourite Indian cities?

Mumbai, Chennai.

Next destination on your travel list?


Unwinding activity?

I move my body a lot and think a lot of good thoughts.

Favourite Indian dish?


Underrated Korean dish that Indians must try?

Kimbap; I think Indian people will like it because it contains a lot of vegetables.

Best street food you had in India?


Accessories you can’t leave without when stepping out?

Rings and earrings.

What do your friends call you?


Annoying habit your friends don’t like about you?

I answer quickly because I am an impatient personality.

Fashion brand you love?

BLR! It is a Korean street brand, and the design is unusual and unique. I wear it when doing special shoots.

One word for Indian fashion?


How do you want to be known to the world?

Fun and cool, like a friend who makes you feel happy.

Do you see yourself settling in India? If so, which city?

I think I am already half settled in India. Mumbai is my favourite city. I do feel at home there.



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