IU is one of the most kind-hearted and talented idols out there. She has constantly proved herself to be outstanding and stunning! This time, she has proved to her fans that she doesn’t care as much about chart rankings as she cares about the values and feels that follow her songs.

She has been promoting her single ‘Strawberry Moon’ for a long time. Fans were patiently awaiting her song. At midnight KST on October 19th, she finally dropped the song! The song was dropped at an unusual hour as recently, all songs have shifted their release time to 5 to 6 pm KST. The reason behind this is that if one releases a song after the 6 pm period, your music will not be reflected in the charts until the next day. This affects the ranking of the songs to an unimaginable level. Artists have thus made this shift.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time that IU has picked an unusual time to release a song. She had also released her single ‘Autumn Morning’ at 7 in the morning! Her company explained, “7 am is a time that does not have any influence on charts at all so people rarely release songs at this hour. This song is like a gift to fans that IU conveys her sincerity with as she wants to repay fans by letting them have a beautiful autumn morning without any concern about results.”

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