The podcast of Navya Naveli Nanda with her mom and grandmother, is a fun watch. In the promo of the next episode, the topic is rather interesting- age or experience? What is more relevant?

Navya asked her mom and grandmother if making more mistakes is the way to gain more experience in life and Shweta said, “I  think the best thing you can do for your child is to let their child make their own mistake.” Jaya disagreed and felt ‘experience’ is the key to solving complicated problems.

In the promo, Shweta takes a dig at the way Navya talks and Navya responds by saying that Shweta is quite the authoritarian and Jaya agrees.

In the previous episode, the trio talked about their love for food and the family traditions around food in their house. Navya told the viewers, “Every house has a specialty and I know something that people love eating at our house- allo chilka. It’s actually quite cute because we have named certain recipes after people like we have ‘Nani Ma’s khichadi’, which she makes in a Bengali way. We have ‘Mama toast’. It’s a sandwich that Nani has invented. You have ‘Navya’s allo’ because it’s the recipe I’ve created. We also have ‘Shweta’s pasta.’ Nana always says, ‘I will eat Shweta’s pasta’’.

The second season is streaming on Youtube.

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