Let’s go back to the year 2006, the simpler times, where going to a mela with friends was a good recreation. These 7 friends pay Rs. 10 each for a face reading and he warns each of them of the ONE thing they should be careful of, for instance, beware of your dad and to another one, beware of the year 2022.

This series has a slight resemblance to Four More Shots Please, a story that delves deep into the lives of younger lot going through their relationships and the highs and lows of life. A cute sit-com, it’s a light hearted romance.

Let me introduce you to the cast, Lavanya and Rishabh, the childhood sweethearts are ready to tie the knot. Lavanya is getting jittery and wonders if its love or fear that has pushed her towards marriage. Then there’s the hero-AG THE OG, a YO-YO Honey style singer and musician who has feelings for Lavu. There’s Sheetal, a designer who is cramped for space, Preet who is a counsellor yet her own love life is a mess, Shahid, a humble teacher who belongs to the lower strata of life.

The series comes across as modern yet for some reason I don’t think its WOW..there’s something missing. It lacks depth, the pace is slow. There’s so much content on OTT, that after watching shows like Dahaad, this one looks like one that might appeal to the younger lot, not a serious content viewer. I watched it but there’s definitely something amiss here. The only thing I loved is the music, there’s an apt song for every scene and emotion.

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