Actress Han Ye Seul reverts to mean comments by fans on Instagram!

fans on Instagram!

It has only been a short while since Actress Han Ye Seul went public about her relationship. Han Ye Seul recently took to social media and publicly admitted to being in a relationship with Ryu Sung Jae, a theater actor. With fame comes attention!

Soon the internet was full of fans, commenting about Han Ye Seul’s relationship. The reactions were mixed. Some fans supported her unconditionally while others were shocked to find that her boyfriend was supposedly a male escort and she was accused of using drugs at the ‘Burning Sun’ club.

Han Ye Seul replied to some mean comments herself. A fan left this comment “As a true fan, I feel this is a pity… I think your words don’t match up as you should’ve revealed it all from the beginning if you feel there’s no such thing as a high or low job.” To this, Han replied with “Do I need to explain and report every detail of my personal life? When I first posted the news on Instagram, I already made things public. I didn’t know it was my responsibility to report on my boyfriend’s personal details as well.”

Another fan left a comment which read that she could meet a better person. To this, Han Ye Seul replied with “What kind of person is a sufficiently better person? What you see on the outside isn’t everything. In love, terms and conditions have no meaning. The best kind of love is someone who makes me the happiest.”


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