Angelina Jolie reveals she wants to star in a korean movie!

korean movie

The love for Korean cinema and korean culture is spreading around the world and Hollywood actors are no exceptions. Korean influence has now reached Angelina Jolie! Yes, the one and only Angelina Jolie!

The superstar has now revealed that she wishes to star in a korean film some day! Angelina Jolie is currently promoting her new film‘ Those Who Wish Me Dead’. As a part of promoting the action thriller, Angelina attended a video press conference with South Korean reporters. While talking to reporters in Seoul, she revealed that she feels deeply and fondly about South Korea and the film industry in the country. Angelina Jolie has visited South Korea on various special occasions. Be it press tours, film promotions or to drop off her son at the Yonsei University, Angelina has always loved the country. She confessed that Korea has a very special place in her heart.
She also praised and talked about her Marvel ‘Eternals’ co-star Ma Dong Seok. She gave a statement ‘He is a dear friend. He is brilliant and he is kind. Such a good man. I look forward to everyone seeing that film as well’

Her words for the Korean film industry read ‘It would be nice to appear in Korean movies or participate in directing. In the future, I would like to be more involved with the Korean film industry.’


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