BLACKPINK’s Rose gifts Lisa a meaningful gift while she films LALISA!


BLACKPINK has a funny and heart-warming relationship. The proof was recently brought forward as BLACKPINK members showered Lisa with love, support, gifts and encouragement while she filmed for her solo debut video, LALISA.

Jisoo commented and talked about her debut while she was on a live with her fans. Jennie picked Lisa’s outfits and sent a gift. Before the debut went on the internet, Lisa talked about how much her fellow members supported her. While she was sharing that moment, she revealed that Rose gifted her a meaningful gift. She brought Lisa some flowers as gifts because Lisa was having a rough time.

During a recent interview with SINA Korean Entertainment, Lisa answered some popular questions. One of her fans asked her about all the support she received and which gesture touched her the most.

That is when she said, “Rosé gifted me a pretty flower? A tree? What do I call it? I think it’s a flower. It’s a flower that sort of represents success, which she gifted to me.”

She explained, “I really liked it since it was a gift with meaning.”


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