Imitation officially breaks the lowest rating record on June 11!

Drama rating

KBS2’s Imitation is a kdrama that deals with the life of kpop idols. It shows the story of their life. The show airs on Friday every week and is not getting a good viewership. The kdrama went on to break the all-time lowest rating record for a major broadcasting station series.

The KBS2 drama ‘Imitation’ broke the record for the lowest rating on June 11. Episode 6 of the Imitation aired and recorded an average viewership rating of 0.7% during its first half, and 0.4% during its second half. The drama has set a record after getting 0.4 percent for the lowest ever major broadcasting station series.

Before Imitation, the record for the lowest rating was held by MBC’s ‘Dae Jang Geum Is Watching’ which aired in 2018-19. The second place was earlier held by KBS2 drama ‘Welcome’ which had a rating of 0.9 percent. The third place is held by KBS2’s ‘Lovely Horribly’ which had a low rating of 1 percent.

The KBS2 drama ‘Imitation’ stars Jung Ji So, U-KISS’s Jun, Jiyeon, ATEEZ’s Yunho, SF9’s Chani, and more. It shows the story of fictional k-pop idols and how they deal with behind-the-scenes problems.


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