Korean actors with a high popularity on Netflix!


K-dramas have become popular all around the world. Going with the trend, Netflix has adapted many k-dramas and they are being loved by fans worldwide. Netflix has released some originals in Korean as well! The growing love for kdramas has led to a growing love for some kdrama actors as well!

Here are some actors who are renowned for their roles and have started in some great shows on Netflix:

  • Song Kang

There is no doubt that Song Kang is as talented as he is handsome. When he appeared in the Netflix original series ‘Love Alarm’ and ‘Love Alarm 2’, fans instantly praised his natural acting and of course, his great looks. Not only that, fans were in awe as they saw Song Kang act in Sweet Home. He proved to the viewers that his acting skills have no bounds.

  • Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun has become popular on Netflix thanks to his charm and poise. He is known worldwide due to his stunning acting in the popular k-drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’. He has also shared the screen with Song Kang in ‘Sweet Home’. Sweet Home has become so popular that it ranked #3 on Netflix US!

  • Chae Jong Hyeop

Chae Jong Hyeop was applauded for his acting skills as he appeared on the hit kdrama ‘Sisyphus : The Myth’. He might be an upcoming actor but fans have already fallen for his natural charm and acting!


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