Lee Sung Kyung might make her comeback with ‘Shooting Star’

Shooting Star

Fans are glad to hear that Lee Sung Kyung might reappear on their screens soon. She might make her acting comeback with a main role in an upcoming romantic comedy ‘Shooting Star’.
Lee Sung Kyung will be returning as the female lead in the kdrama ‘shooting star’ according to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports. Shooting Star is a drama that will be full of laughter and love. Shooting Star will portray the lives of actors and actresses along with the struggles that happen behind the scenes. It will show how celebrities look like the beautiful stars in the sky and the story behind their lives.

This drama promises to be a different and unique one. Previous dramas might have portrayed the lives of celebrities and managers but this drama will shine the light on other members of the entertainment industry. This includes journalists, team managers and public relations officers.
If Lee Sung Kyung accepts the role, she will be seen as Oh Han Byul, the team leader of public relations at Star Force Entertainment. Oh Han Byul is called the ‘Queen of Catchy Writing’ because she is known for excellent writing and the ability to catch people with her words.
The broadcast date has not been revealed yet.


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