MAMAMOO’s Wheein has joined the label ‘THE L1VE’!


The world of K-Pop has yet another exciting but a little saddening update! Recently, it was revealed that MAMAMOO’s Wheein has switched to another label. On August 31 at midnight KST, the label THE L1VE took to Twitter. Their official Twitter account showed that Wheein is now part of THE LIVE family.

Soon after, Wheein also took to her Instagram account and officially announced her new venture. She wrote, “Hello, this is Wheein. For the MooMoos who waited patiently, and for the many people who are cheering me on, I will work hard to show good music and a good image through THE L1VE. I will work hard at both solo promotions and MAMAMOO promotions from now on, so please send me your support! To the MooMoos that I love, I will continue to work to show you what you want and expect. Trust in me!”

In the first week of August, reports informed that Wheein was in talks to sign with THE LIVE label. It is a new label founded by  VIXX‘s Ravi. Ailee was the first member of the label.


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