Genie, a social media sensation, has an enviably wonderful existence. She is attractive, trendy, well-liked, and entertaining. Genie has only one issue. She isn’t a real person. Ae-jin, a high school student who is going through a difficult time, developed Genie as an avatar. The drama Shadow Beauty examines the true concept of beauty via Ae-experience. jin’s Appearances may be deceiving. Not just on the internet, but also in person.

Shim Dal-character, gi’s Quiet Ae-jin, is tormented at school. Her tormentors are unaware that she is Genie, a celebrity whose life they admire and aspire to. When her true identity is discovered, things become problematic. In addition, a girl who looks identical to the photoshopped Genie transfers to Ae-school jin’s and convinces everyone that she is Genie. The new student is a monster, a psychopath who exploits others to obtain attention, despite her striking good features. She’s pretty on the surface, but her heinous activities make her far less appealing than Ae-jin.

Shim, who had roles in the flicks Snowball and Samjin Company English Class, as well as the drama The School Nurse Files, does an excellent job of shrinking into her already little body, as if Ae-jin doesn’t deserve to exist and won’t take up too much room.

Choi Bo-min, a member of Golden Child, portrays the class president, someone who would rather fit in with the crowd but will be pushed to take a position out of worry for Ae-jin. 18 Again and Melting Me Softly were his prior films.

Sun Mi-jun, the fake Genie, is played by Lee Na-gyung, a member of Fromis9. Hur Jung-hee makes her maiden drama appearance as Ae-old jin’s buddy, while Pentagon member Yang Hong-seok portrays Ae-idol jin’s friend.

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