In a recent interview, Karan Johar opened up about love, his relationships and how difficult it is to find true love.

A man known for making the most romantic, heartfelt love stories, shares he has had several sad experiences on dating apps. In the past years, he feels the struggles were different, in today’s time and age, young people face a more ‘turbulent’ break-up and relationships are volatile.

Speaking at the Bollywood Hungama OTT India Fest, he said he had once used the celebrity dating app Raya but to no use. He said, “But every time I ticked someone, but they didn’t tick me back. They did not respond. I faced multiple rejections. I had a really…like I felt an inferiority. I was quite lenient also, ticking away but there was no correspondence.”

After several rejections, he quit the app. Karan feels several people go through the same struggle. While it is said, “put yourself out there, but where is the there? I have looked for that but don’t know where to go.”

In today’s time and age, its important to find someone you can relate to, is compassionate and the two of you are compatible. In spite of Karan being a friendly, popular and affable person, cupid has not been kind to him. Work wise, he has his hands full but love is yet to find him.

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