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King Charles’ funeral plans ‘urgently’ updated.


King Charles’ has been battling with cancer and his ill-health has become a cause of concern for all. While the palace is tight lipped about his recovery, his funeral plans are being updated.

Tom Sykes of Daily Beast said officially, “Speaking to friends of the King in recent weeks about his health..the most common response is…It’s not good.” His aides are constantly looking over the details of his funeral plan known as “Operation Menai Bridge.” A close friend of the King says, “Charles is determined to beat it and they are throwing everything at it” adding, “Everyone is staying optimistic, but he is really very unwell. More than they are letting on.”

The 700-page document was created the day after Queen Elizabeth was buried in 2022 September.

The reports that are coming in say that the news has left Price William feeling very anxious about the whole situation, considering Kate is battling her own sickness.

The type of cancer the King is fighting has not been revealed by the palace but he has been receiving radiotherapy in London regularly.


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