One of the trending series on Netflix is ‘Maestro in Blue’ and the Greek TV series, is an interesting watch. A good blend of romance, drama and music, the TV series has everyone’s interest piqued due to its star cast. The female lead actress, Klelia, is a 26-year old, young actress born in 1996.

Starting her career at the young age of 14, as a model, she’s the ambassador of several brands in the fashion industry. When she turned 18, she debuted in the popular Greek soap opera Brousko, which aired from 2013 to 2017. She completed her graduation from the Athens Conservatoire drama school.

The series unfolds on a beautiful island, where in each family has several secrets. Orestis is a musician, who has been called from Athens to organize the music festival on the island. Slowly, he gets drawn in other people’s problems and becomes the center of attraction for everyone on this small island.

Fanis, wants to run for the ‘Mayor’ of the island and launders money. He is the controlling father who is self-centered. He has a traditional family yet not bonded in any way. They eat their meals together, yet there is little or no interaction. His wife is on pills, his son a homosexual and has a daughter who is reserved.

The series covers several topics like household abuse, domestic violence, drugs, corruption and the phobia of homosexuality. However, I wish the storyline was more gripping. The scenic beauty is good eye-candy yet the script and the wonderful star cast is underutilized.

You might want to watch it, you might not. Watch it for Klelia and her good looks!

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