Aesthetic home décor ideas: Planning to décor your space then follow these hacks

Aesthetic home décor ideas

As Aesthetic room ideas are currently trending and if you too want to enrich your home with art while not going overboard with color or patterns, exercise your creativity as aesthetic room ideas come with beautiful color schemes, eye-catching wall décor and accessories. 

Here are few hacks that will help you to pick the right pieces to display at your home.     

  • Mirrors-

In today’s times, a mirror is not just an essential in the closet but now they serve as attractive décor accessories. Adding a mirror can instantly add a class, character and drama to your space. You can play with different sizes and frames to get that perfect look. You can add a full- length mirror or can add mirror of different sizes that are grouped together to decorate the accent wall.  

  • Play with string lights-

For most of us, the bedroom is the most important place in our home as we spend most of the time there, so make sure you decorate it the way you like it. You can decorate your bedroom by hanging string lights over the bed as it is an easy way to add a playful touch to your room or use them for framing an oversized mirror or even it can be used for highlighting a plant. 

  •   Monochrome Look

If you are obsessed with one color, you can use it all over the room from walls to furniture. The monochrome look is more than just a black or white. You can add few tones of grey or can opt for shades like royal blue, pastel blue or cobalt. Select one color and staring adding a range of tints, tones and hues of the same shade to enhance the entire space. 

  • Hang your photos 

For a fun look you can hang your photos on the wall with some interesting lights around them. It will act as a mood board and at the same time, its fun and pocket friendly way to express your personality and decorate your space. If you like, you can curate a collection of photos in a certain color palette.  

  • Add Plants

Adding a bit of natural green in your space will create visual interest in your home. They also help to purify the air, reduce stress and even boost your productivity. Add plants that can easily survive in indoors such as boston ferns, palm plants, calathea plant, fiddle leaf fig tree and there are many other options available.  

  • Add a rug

Rugs add structure, character and warmth to a space wherever you throw it. Choosing a right rug can be a task as there are ample of styles and patterns available. Adding a rug to your space makes you feel more classy and cozy. A rug that is cohesive to the theme will add more aesthetic touch to the room. The easiest way to incorporate a rug is to opt for a neutral colored one. Muted color like grey, beige will add more interest to your floor without creating much visual appeal. 

  • Accessorize

As pandemic is hitting upon us and most of us are working from home, it’s time to have a home workplace. If you don’t have much space, just add a desk and a comfy chair. Keep it simple and functional. Apart from this, you can also accessorize by adding, nightstand or a lamp or by adding a bar station. 

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