Bad effects to eating junk food on your health

junk food

The trend of junk food has entered our lives a few years back and has become an inseparable part now. It’s also known as fast food is easy to prepare and is very easy to consume. Junk food are treat to taste buds but are high in calorie content, fat, salt and have several adverse effects on health. 

Regular consumption of fast food might lead to chronic ailments so one must try to avoid fast food as much as possible. Instead, include high nutritional food in your daily diet which will help you to lead a healthy life.  

junk food

Let us see what are the negative impact of eating junk food on health –

  • It’s high in carbohydrates and can lead to outbreak of acne
  • Eating excessive amount of these foods might increase risk of depression
  • It can leads to increase of sugar levels, bloating, headaches or migraine
  • Excessive calories from junk food might increase weight gain which may lead to obesity
  • It could also lead to reproductive issues
  • It makes your skin look dull and hampers your hair and nails quality
  •  High amount of salt present in fast food increase blood pressure which can lead to hypertension
  • The fat present in these foods block the heart arteries which increases the chances of heart attack
  • It gets accumulated in tooth spaces and causes cavity
  • The preservatives and artificial flavors present in junk food can lead to asthma
  • When consumed in excess you might feel lack of energy because your body lacks nutritional values
  • You might not able to concentrate on your work because when you consume lot of junk food your body lacks oxygen
  • It also worsens our digestion system and we often feel constipated.

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