Easy growing vegetables at home in pots

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Kitchen Gardening Tips: Are you someone who is tired of buying inorganic and overpriced vegetables for meeting everyday needs?

If yes, then definitely you are not alone. If you wish to have freshly grown vegetables for your everyday meal then start growing these vegetables at your home in a few easy steps. 

All you need are some planters, potting soil, saplings and lots of patience. 

  • Chilies 

Red or green chili plants can be easily grown in pots just by sprinkling chili seeds in the airy soil which is well drained. Add a little bit of compost and give it a good mix. Do not over water the soil, just keep the soil moist. This plant requires direct sunlight to properly grow so place the pot accordingly at our home.  

In a few days, the seeds will germinate and you will see small leaves on the surface of the soil. Once the plant reaches about 8-10 inches in height, you will see small buds which will blossom in white flowers after 30-45 days later. The flower will fall off and you will see chilies growing in the plants. 

  • Tomato

Tomatoes are an essential part of a healthy diet owing to nutritional benefits and with just a few simple steps you will be able to grow juicy and firm tomatoes in no time. Tomatoes are very versatile and can be easily grown in a pot, just take tomato seeds and sow them in any type of garden soil except for heavy clay soil 3 to 4 inches deep. Seeds require very little watering till germination. Use a spray bottle to mist the seedling and to keep the top of the soil moist. 

After transplanting you will notice to see the fruit appears within 65 to 70 days.  

  • Garlic

Growing garlic in a pot is quite easy; take a container that is 8 to 10 inches deep. Now, take garlic bulbs and take some cloves out of it. Place this cloves on the soil surface, the pointed part of the clove above the soil surface, also make sure to maintain 4-6 inches gap between two cloves for healthy formation. Then fill the container with organic soil mixture and then place the pot where it can receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. 

If you provide proper sunlight, water and right soil you will observe in 7 to 10 days the fresh new garlic shots coming out. 

  •   Peas

Green peas are perfect vegetables to grow in pots at home as they are nutritious and contain a good amount of fiber and antioxidants. 

Kitchen Gardening

Soak pea seeds in water for 12-14 hours before sowing as it will help to germinate the seeds faster. Mix some compost in the soil before sowing the seeds and use a loamy and well drained pot. Plant the seeds 2 inches deep and at a distance of 1 to 2 inches. Green peas require an ample amount of moisture and direct sunlight of at least 5 to 6 hours. 

The time that green peas take to grow from planting to harvest is about 55 to 88 days. Pluck the peas when the pods are full and green color before peas turns dry and harden.

  • Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a shallow rooted plant and therefore does not require deep containers. Make sure to keep a distance of at least 15 inches between two plants so that they have enough space to grow. You can directly sow cauliflower seeds in a pot with moist soil. Cauliflower require fair amount of sunlight as well as cool weather. Choose a spot for planting that receives full sunlight and is not shaded by trees or tall grass. 

Time taken by cauliflower from planting to harvest varies from 85 days to 130 days if grown from seeds. If cauliflower is grown under good condition then its heads will develop till six to eight inches in diameter and it will be firm, compact and white.

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