How to keep yourself busy during lockdown

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Mental Health: As lockdown have packed us at home once again, many of us feel that our routine has become very unproductive and have ample amount of free time. 

If you are bored at home and struggling with the ideas that how to kill your time and feel productive then here are some tips to follow to feel better and progressed of yourself.  

  • De-clutter your wardrobe

Dedicate your time to your wardrobe. Clear out the clothes that you don’t use anymore. Review clothing category wise including those hiding in the laundry basket, washing machine or some corner of your house. Sort all your clothes and place them properly in your wardrobe so that next time to open your wardrobe your clothes are falling out of it. 

Donate the clothes which you have de-cluttered to some charity shops or take them to recycle boutique.   

  • Pamper yourself

As we all miss going to spa during lockdowns which gives us a valid reason to set up spa at home.  Set the spa mood at home with some candles, essential oils and relaxing music. Give yourself rejuvenating manicure, pedicures and feel relaxed and better or soak in a luxurious bath. You can also choose other ways to pamper yourself which will make you smile from ear to ear like giving yourself a relaxing facial or a good hair spa. 

If you are facing anxiety issues or your stress levels have gone high, then give yourself time, take care of yourself, take care of your body, it will help to relieve stress and will make you feel better and relaxed.  

  • Read

Rediscover the magic of books in this lockdown. Increase your appetite of reading as it not only helps to increase knowledge but also helps to decrease blood pressure, lower heart rate and reduce stress. Reading can help to escape from the stress of everyday life.

Invite yourself to the literary world which will relax your body and ease out tension in your muscles. Books are an endless source of history, humor, romance, fantasy, comic and whatever you might be craving for. Find a book of your interest and make a routine to read every day at least for 30 minutes in a quiet place. 

  • Learn new skill

If you are someone who always has interest in learning new things, then this is the best time to discover yourself and learn new skills. Choose an activity in which you have interest and start learning it online. There are endless options available to learn like knitting, baking, dancing, painting, blogging, designing, learn a new language to name a few then enroll yourself in the courses and utilize your time. 

Mental Health
  • Exercise

Spend some time in exercising as regular exercise helps to uplifts self-confidence, improve your mood, and lower down the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Choose any form of exercise that you like. It will help to increase your fitness level while decreasing your stress and will make you feel refreshed. Simple activity which can be easily done indoors like walking, stair climbing, dancing, yoga can work wonders in such difficult times. It will help you to stay active and will help you burn those extra calories.

  • Make a travel bucket list

If you are fond of travelling then write down all the places you wish to explore after things get back to normal. You can also research about those places like must visit places, food culture of that place, which language is spoken and so much more. 

  • Play board games

In this lockdown, embrace some time with your family and make the bond stronger with each other.  You might miss playing outdoors but you can have fun playing board games too. Kill the boredom and play fun board games like Uno, ludo, scrabble, taboo, monopoly and list goes on.  

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