Paradise for chocolate lovers

chocolate lovers

Chocolate is the most beloved comfort food. Most of us are chocolate lovers and find the delicious dish to be very tempting. So, here are some countries which are known to be a paradise for chocolate lovers:

  1. Switzerland

If you love chocolate, switzerland should be on your travel list. Switzerland is the home country of the popular chocolate brand, Lindt. The Swiss city of Zurich houses the Sprungli chocolate factory and is thus known as the heart of chocolate production. Switzerland has chocolate museums which give tours, interesting events and lots of free tasting.

  1. Mexico

Chocolate originated in Mexico. Mexico is thus known for its wide variety and textures of chocolate. A famous chocolate beverage in Mexico is Mayan style hot chocolate. This beverage is different from hot chocolate as it has a thick, foamy texture with chilli peppers in it.

  1. Hershey, USA

You would have guessed from the name why this place is so famous. Hershey attracts tourists from all over the world. In the Hershey Chocolate World, you can have as much Hershey Chocolate as your heart desires. You can also take a tour of the Hershey Story museum or stay at the Hotel Hershey. This hotel is famous for the rich chocolate spa and yummy chocolate fondue wraps that it serves.

Treat the chocolate lover in you by visiting these places!


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