Restaurants in Mumbai that serve delicious food along with a unique experience!

Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams, Bollywood, food, nightlife, and craziness. The street food of Mumbai is popular all over the country but that doesn’t mean it has a shortage of unique restaurants. Here are some restaurants that deserve a visit:

  1. Mirchi and Mime

This unique restaurant is found in Powai. The specialty of this place is that it gives a job to the physically impaired: people with hearing and speaking impairment. The menu guides you as to how to order the food and how to communicate with the servers.

  1. Cat Cafe Studio

As the name suggests, the cafe is the ideal place for all cat lovers. The cafe not only allows you to play and cuddle with some cute felines but it also serves delicious food. You can adopt a cat too! Not only that, but it also has some board games, some books, and great Wifi!

  1. Creeda Board Game Cafe

This cafe has attracted a lot of attention from all age groups! Creeda Board Game cafe houses more than 200 types of board games and is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family. It offers more than just Jenga and UNO! The cafe is bustling with people while their laughter and joy are apparent.


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