BTS has fans all over the world and their peers are no exceptions. Many legendary singers and bands have declared that they are BTS fans. The latest singer to praise and admire BTS is none other than American singer-songwriter-rapper, Lizzo!

Lizzo has released a new song with Cardi-B named Rumours. She held an Instagram live to promote her song and that is when, she talked about everything from a potential collaboration with Dua Lipa and, of course, Harry Styles. One comment caught her eye and had some reference to K-pop. Lizzo has been a die-hard fan of BTS ever since she started listening to them in 2019. She then said, “Let me tell y’all something. I just really love BTS. They are on my FYP so much on TikTok now…” She then talked about how she sends her sister, the person who introduced BTS to Lizzo, every BTS video that Lizzo comes across. “Because my sister is ARMY … she loved BTS, she introduced me to BTS. So, when I would see a BTS video on my FYP, I would send it to her and the algorithm was like, ‘Oh, she sharing this, okay!’ So, I just kept getting more and more BTS. And the more I see them and their personalities… Like, of course, the music is good, but I get why people… why ARMY is ARMY… Because [of] their individual personalities, their style… They be dancing,” said Lizzo.

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