Assane Diop, a gentleman thief, is a wonderful character of the series Lupin. In this season, he makes himself disappear and pull the black pearl right under the police’s noses.

In this series, it is brought to light that Assane Diop is a renowned thief and an important figure, a new enemy, from his past returns. In the late 90’s, Keller looked after orphaned boys and now he is back in Paris to get revenge on him, as he had framed him in the past for killing a cop.

Keller kidnaps Mariama, Assane’s mom and threatens to kill his mom if he does not get him the painting he desires and then steal the bracelet. The heist, the thrill, the panache for execution, the sleek clothes, all make this an exhilarating show.

Inspired by the works of French author Maurice Leblanc, the final season is a fast-paced thriller. Omar Sy plays the role of Assane to perfection and this series revolves mostly around him. A family man at heart yet he has the James Bond drive to stand for what’s wrong.

The third season goes a lot into the past and his mother resurfaces after 25 years only to be kidnapped again.

Haven’t I told you enough? Watch the rest on Netflix.

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