A wonderful show, great star cast, pink champagne, bespoke clothing, pretty lavish houses, everything that indicates wealth and immense riches.

In Season 2, we catch up with Tara and Karan in a bit of a mess. Jauhari ji, becomes an active partner and Mona Singh, his wife, is the auditor. With seven episodes, each about an hour, this series is about the wedding planners reviving their business against the social nuances that thwart our society.

Well for one, my take from this show was that crying in a chauffer driven Merc visa-a -vis a rickshaw, is much better. Secondly, weddings are a grand, social affair. The lehnga trials at the posh designer outlets with everyone going ga-ga over the bride, is a ritual in today’s times. Local tailors are out!! Even the ‘paath’ ceremony, is classy and all the best crockery is needed.

Jim Sarabh looks very suave and mildly shocked at what the women want from him. Arjun Mathur is the vulnerable, soft one and Radhika Apte seems to be full of rage. Shobhita looks super fit and sassy, Mona Singh and others, all fit their roles as a fiddle.

Each episode carries a social message, something soul-stirring that makes us rethink what reality really is. What viewers are appreciating the most is that they cast an actual trans woman for the character of Meher, instead of a cis-actor. Trinetra Haldar is fabulous!

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, a story of grim truths about our life that haunt us and yet we all strive and survive.

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