Before becoming well-known in the Korean entertainment business, many K-pop celebrities led quite different lifestyles. Some of them have always wanted to be artists, while others just realized they were meant to be musicians when the right circumstances came along.

The two members of the well-known South Korean boyband BTS, who both come from farming families, fit into the latter category.

V would not have been well-known to the public had it not been for an unintentional audition that led to his current position and the success he presently experiences.

Like his father, V has always pictured himself as a farmer.

His aspirations and ambitions grew and altered throughout time as a result of his exposure to new pastimes, including being a professional saxophone. Throughout his career, V had opportunities to perform farm work because of his reputation as a farmer and his love of strawberries.

One instance is when V portrayed a character as a novice farmer in the June 2019 video game “BTS World” for mobile devices.

“What would you be doing if BTS didn’t exist?” In an interview with Billboard in August 2017, this query was put to BTS. Surprisingly, Jin, the oldest member of the group, also responded “farmer”!

Jin said, “It’s weird that I may have ended up being a farmer because I used to do farming when I was in middle school,” in Korean. My uncle persuaded me to do this.

Being the dreamer that he is, V proposed additional occupations in the same interview, saying, “I would have perhaps been a farmer, but I found many interests as a musician, like shooting photographs, therefore I would have been a photographer.”

“If I had to take a month off, I would definitely work on my music sometimes. I may engage in some farming or find another activity to occupy my time.

Jin said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, but I believe it would be wonderful to live in a peaceful country town when I retire far, far in the future.”

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