Covid led to an increase in the audience taking a keen interest in cinema from the South. ‘Driving License’ is one such movie that was highly appreciated in 2019.

Few years done the lane, excited viewers reach the cinema, buy a ticket and a big tub of popcorn to watch the ‘Selfie’ magic until reality hits you hard in your face.

Om Prakash Agarwal alias Emraan Hashmi, is an inspector at the RTO in Bhopal. He and his son are big fans of Akshay Kumar alias Vijay. Vijay comes to Bhopal for a shoot. He realises he loves luxury cars but to drive the same he needs a driving license. He goes to the RTO and promises a selfie with the inspector. Things don’t go as per the plan in fact they go astray. Also in the background is another aging actor Suraj Diwan, who dreams of a hit film.

The ego clash between Vijay and Agarwal gets larger than expected and the public is aware of the same. The media and paparazzi get involved and the whole thing becomes a messy drama. While Prithviraj and Kuruvilla Joseph have acted brilliantly, Akshay goes out of way and Emraan is chopped to a minimum space.

The script is poor and this movie has attracted severe criticism. Although fans have enjoyed the action, yet the movie has failed to impress.

Making ‘Selfie’ has been a disaster and the remake of the famous Malayalam movie is a sure step towards Akshay and his teams downfall.

In short, getting a driving license is a test of skill, but for Prithviraj Sukumaran, its become a bitter pill, the inspector tries to grill, their pride gives them no time to chill, add to that, the fan frenzy overkill, the humor and the twists are there to thrill yet Selfie fails to fit the bill, instead watch the original to get your fill.

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