Nawazuddin belongs to a small village in Muzaffarnagar, called Budhana. He feels life in his hometown was very simple, anxiety and depression are a “city thing”, an urban concept, something for the privileged.

In an interview, Nawazuddin said depression is such an alien thing for people from villages that if he would have told his father that he is “feeling depressed”, he would have been slapped. He further states, “No one gets depression in villages, everyone is happy there. But I learnt about anxiety, depression, bipolar after coming to the city.”

The dynamic actor added, “Ye shehro mein aake hoti hai, yaha pe hara admi apne chhote emotions ko bhi bohot glorify karta hai.”

The two-time Filmfare Awards winner further added to emphasize his point of view, “If you ask a labourer, or someone who is sleeping on the footpath, then what is depression? When it rains, they dance even then, unko g****a depression nahi pata hota (they don’t know what depression is), you only get such mental illnesses when you become rich.”

To these comments, a user on Twitter replied, “Ok, let’s ignore farmer’s suicides and assume you are right. If something is an urban concept-do we just ignore it cos it’s urban?”

Another angry user writes, “Pls stick to acting. Don’t opine on subjects you know nothing about. If you are a human being, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder can affect you. Doesn’t matter where you live, what do you do or who you are. Shameful to use the platform u have to spread falsehoods.”

Another comment was, “Good in acting, zero in common sense! Depression can be anywhere: science.”

A social debate has been set on fire by Nawazuddin’s remarks. Watch your words everyone, before you have to eat them.

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