A well laid out plot, in a small village of Rajasthan, Mandawa. Anjali Bhatti, in the role of a police inspector, gets involved in the case of a missing woman. The case is sensitive and on further investigation, more and more girls are found missing in a similar pattern. Is this a chain of suicide or murder?

Sonakshi Sinha, plays the role of a brave cop whose mother’s only agenda is to marry her off. Sub-inspector Parghi and their senior Devi Singh, along with Bhatti sir, form a promising trio, who are bent to end this cat and mouse chase. The killer is revealed in the beginning of the story, yet this 8-episode series keeps us hooked.

The serial-killer Anand, stands for all the manipulative men of our society who look so calm and innocent, yet are snakes ready to bite. He is a typical, harmless school teacher who is a psychopath in disguise. Vijay Varma has acted brilliantly. The lack of remorse in his eyes, how he suppresses his anger, manipulates his kid, sweet talks women and innocently convinces them to marry, is remarkable.

The underlying thread of this series, where in the parents feel the only fate of a girl is to marry, is so true. All the victims were girls, whose parents wanted to marry them off fast.

Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar come together and have created a fantastic web series. A very watchable series but the last two episodes drag on. It touches upon several social topics. Sonakshi Sinha in her Dabang style has played a wonderful cop in ‘Dahaad’.

This is the first Indian series that has premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and will compete for the Berlinale Series Award.

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