Ubon Vision Pvt Ltd proudly unveiled the official poster of their highly anticipated film, Panch Kriti: Five Elements, today. The event took place in the presence of the film’s cast and crew members, generating immense excitement among the attendees. This anthology social drama, set in the charming town of Chanderi in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, features acclaimed actors Brijendra Kala, Purva Parag, and Umesh Bajpai in principal roles.

The official poster of Panch Kriti: Five Elements captivates viewers with its striking visual appeal, effectively conveying the genre and essence of the film. It serves as a testament to the film’s unique narrative structure, interweaving five distinct stories bound together by a common thread. The film not only promises a grand cinematic experience but also offers rich and meaningful content. Renowned director Sannjoy Bhargav helms this project, while Haripriyaa Bharggav takes the reins as the producer.

Director Sannjoy Bhargav expressed his enthusiasm on the eve of the poster launch, stating, “The unveiling of the film’s poster to the world marks an exciting milestone for us. It signifies the realization of our dream to bring these stories to life. We devoted significant effort to ensure the poster captures the essence of the film and conveys its true nature. As the poster sets the tone for the film, we meticulously finalized its design and appearance.”

Although Panch Kriti: Five Elements comprises five distinct stories, several common elements bind them together. All the stories are set in the picturesque town of Chanderi, and the film was shot on real locations, adding authenticity to the narratives. Primarily centered around women, the film sheds light on the challenges faced by women living in rural India. Beyond this overarching theme, audiences can expect to discover various other elements that connect the five stories.

Producer Haripriyaa Bharggav shared, “Panch Kriti: Five Elements promises to deliver a unique cinematic experience on multiple fronts. It exemplifies the essence of the anthology format, with each story seamlessly interconnected. Despite addressing significant social issues, we have created a family-friendly film suitable for all age groups. Now that the poster is released, we will be unveiling a plethora of promotional material regularly.”

To generate awareness and excitement around the film, the makers of Panch Kriti: Five Elements have devised a distinctive strategy. Moviegoers will have the chance to win attractive prizes such as smart TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, cycles, and home theatre systems upon attending the film in theaters. With plans for a wide release across all states in India, Panch Kriti: Five Elements will soon grace the silver screen, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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