When the first season of Four More Shots Please! premiered in 2019, people loved it, people loathed it, and nobody could truly ignore it. Because it was billed as the desi avatar of Sex and the City. Four young women, all unrepentant about their life choices (and, more crucially, their sexuality), go about their daily lives in Mumbai’s busy city (which is airbrushed to perfection and would probably give New York a run quicker than the bull on Wall Street). Significantly, like that other classic sitcom, Friends, there is a ‘hangout’ atmosphere similar to Central Perk.

For the last two seasons, Dee, Mangs, Anj, and Sids all had vocations, occupational risks, and preoccupations to keep a viewer’s choice intriguing, when they loved (and lusted) and were loved back in return; many times, they loved and lost. Their bond remained a rock throughout. Season 3, which was recently published, is apparently the final season, so it’s somewhat fitting that it doesn’t conclude with life being neatly packaged. This was the most open series conclusion possible – unless, of course, there is yet another season that we are unaware of.

The four women are all in some ways endearing and obnoxious, and they all complain about First World concerns in an entertaining and grating way. At least in soft focus, the greater interaction is still approachable and meaningful. Deal with the idea of Anj and her now-married ex-husband reuniting this season (she co-parents a rather irritating daughter with him). Mangs launches her own fitness center, but not without controversy. Dee becomes involved in the political campaign of a young politician. Additionally, Sids struggles to move past the loss of her father (who passed away at the conclusion of Season 2) and be a good daughter to her mother Sneha (played beautifully by the gorgeous Simone Singh).

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