While he is most known for his indie music, musician-writer Ankur Tewari has also worked on major films such as Gully Boy (2019) and a few OTT ventures. Tewari refuses to say if he loves independent or mainstream music when asked: “I don’t think of myself as an independent or popular artist. I appreciate composing music as much as I enjoy listening to it.”

When pressed to point out the main difference between the two, he is eager to do so. “There’s no brief with independent music; you simply follow your intuition and what you feel,” the Dil Beparvah singer says, adding, “In popular music, you’re trying to improve someone else’s vision.” Both have a fascinating role to play.”

Tewari’s most recent endeavour was a collaboration with Snafu, an AI-enabled record company that helps obscure musicians get recognition based on quality. “I was worried at first since I approach my music spontaneously. But then I realised it’s incredible. It allows artists to reach a larger audience, individuals who may not have heard of Ankur Tewari before,” adds the singer, who recently released Shehzaada Shehzaadi, a new love song.

Tewari is also recognised for writing music for websites like RejctX 2 and Yeh Ballet. “The rise of OTT has been a fascinating new chapter for independent musicians,” he says, adding that OTT has been a blessing for emerging musicians. There is a lot of music being licenced for movies and television, and many independent artists are benefiting from it.”

He has authored a few of TV series in addition to being a musician. Is OTT the next step for him? “In India, OTT channels have given narrative a new lease of life. “I’m quite enthusiastic about the medium,” he concludes.

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