After MTV Hustle, Rapper Panther and Spectra collaborate on a naughty track ‘Samajh Rahi Hai’. Out Now!

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The music world is ablaze with excitement as Panther and Spectra, two remarkable rappers from UP, unveil their latest masterpiece, “Samajh Rahi Hai.” This naughty track, released on 9th August has taken the hip-hop industry by storm, leaving a trail of awe and admiration in its wake.

In “Samajh Rahi Hai,” Panther and Spectra weave a tale of magnetic attraction, telling the story of a girl who effortlessly captivates the hearts of countless boys. The lyrics are not just catchy, but also deeply relatable, touching on the universal theme of love and infatuation. Panther, Spectra, Bakwas talks, and Sassy Poonam pour their heart and soul into the song, delivering an electrifying performance that elevates the track to new heights.

This collaboration is not the first between Panther and Spectra, as their earlier hit “Loriyan” left an indelible mark on the MTV Hustle. The heartfelt tribute to mothers resonated with audiences worldwide and showcased the duo’s ability to create music with emotional depth and resonance.

Working on this song, Panther Comments,”My latest track ‘Samjh Rahi Hai’ is a dreamy and vibey collaboration with my brother Spectra. It’s an ode to a special girl who has us mesmerized like magicians. The catchy beat and energetic lyrics will make you want to dance as much as we did during the making. Working with Spectra is like an adventure and a joy, and our previous collaboration on ‘Loriyan’ was well received and we decided to work on more songs together. It is really special working with him. I’m excited for everyone to experience the magic of ‘Samjh Rahi Hai’!”

On the same Spectra express,”At first, I didn’t see Panther as a co-contestant on the show. But as time passed, we became like brothers, and I cherish that bond. During the show, we collaborated on “Loriyan,” a song that became popular with the masses.”

He adds,”We had another track called “Samajh Rahi Hai,” which we didn’t pursue initially. However, Panther always asked about it, and one day, I decided to complete the song. Since we both lived in Noida, I went to his house. Together, we finalized the beat, recorded the song, and knew it was a banger. I’ve also made another special song with Panther, which means a lot to both of us.”

With “Samajh Rahi Hai,” Panther and Spectra have transcended boundaries. Their unique blend of infectious melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and dynamic energy has struck a chord with fans and critics alike, earning them widespread acclaim and admiration.

“Samajh Rahi Hai” is now available on all major platforms.

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