The film Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham, starring Mohanlal, is ready for release, however unlike what his fans had imagined, it will be released via an OTT platform rather than in a theatre. After a lengthy wait, Mohanlal’s Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham is finally out, however contrary his fans’ expectations, the film will be released on an OTT platform rather than in a theatre. In a recent interview, director Priyadarshan stated that the crew came to this choice after considering the economics and how producer Antony Perumbavoor had suffered financially during the film’s almost two-year delay.

“Antony is someone who has come from nothing,” Priyadarshan explained to Manorama. To obtain all of things, he has put in a lot of effort. When he decided to back Marakkar, he was putting his own life on the line. He did it because he believed in Mohanlal and me. For this film, nobody of us was paid a dime. We promised to get a cut of the profits if the film did well. For the past two years, Antony has been paying a large monthly interest payment. It would have put Antony in serious financial difficulties if one of us had been enthusiastic on releasing the movie in theatres. But that’s not something we’d do.”

Priyadarshan expressed his regret that Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham will not be seen on the big screen, but he and Mohanlal couldn’t stand up against Antony Perumbavoor. “After leaving Antony to endure the losses, Mohanlal and I do not intend to enjoy any achievement.” “No one will be more upset than Mohanlal, Antony, and myself since this film will not be shown on the big screen,” he remarked.

Antony Perumbavoor had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the attitude of theatre owners in an interview with the magazine. “We’d all hoped to see this film in theatres,” says the director. The theatre owners, on the other hand, were unwilling to even talk about it,” he stated. “I was in a lot of discomfort because of this.” “I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong,” the film producer continued.

Only a few theatre owners, not all, are opposed to Antony releasing the Mohanlal-starrer in theatres, he added.

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