Raj Kundra has tried his hand at acting and the trailer for ‘UT 69’ Is out. The film is set to release on the 3rd November and depicts his experiences in jail for producing pornographic content.

Raj emotionally said, “It was painful, especially when you know you haven’t done anything wrong and you have to face such circumstances. Uss time pe thoda…more than anything else, it was painful for my family. Mujhe bolo jo bolna hai yaar, meri biwi, mere baxhcho aur meri family pe mat jao yaar. Kya bigada hai app logo ka.”

UT 69 is based on true events from Raj’s life. Raj is a British-Indian businessman, and is ranked the 198th richest British Asian by success. The movie is an account of his time in Arthur Road jail in Mumbai.

The movie in Raj’s words, is about, “The film is about my 63 days in jail, from the day I entered the red gate to the day I came out. If Shilpa and I believed that if there was even an ounce of truth in the allegations and if I was guilty then I would have my head hanging in shame. But I came out like a lion because I knew I had done no wrong. The matter is sub judice, we have full faith in the judiciary.”

More on his jail experiences, he states, “When you send your film to the CBFC for censorship and call it ‘based on a true story’, they ask for a lot of supporting evidence.”

The movie is directed by Shahnawaz Ali. Since his release from jail, Raj has tried to maintain a low-key life and is spotted with a mask.

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